"My greatest concern was to avoid ABM becoming a new silo or dividing our sales and marketing relationship because of overlap, confusion and lack of a common language or objectives."

Rob Israch
Chief Marketing Officer of Tipalti

How Tipalti Cranked Up A Successful ABM Program

Tipalti is an established organization, solving the issue of B2B supplier payments at global scale. In this effort, their Sales and Marketing teams simultaneously touch target accounts. Adding an Account-Based Marketing program to their mix could have easily confused those existing activities, their management and measurement. Core to Tipalti’s activities resides their CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. “Both our sales and marketing teams use these tools daily, so adding a new system or ignoring the years of insights they hold was not an option,” stated Rob.

The Tipalti marketing team is coordinating at the contact (Buying Center) level within each account, the same dimension at which the Sales team operates. Because of this, and underlying technology support, Rob and his team are able to identify Target Account digital marketing signals and derived areas of interest and communicate those insights as well as primary buyer contact information to the sales team. This enables them to share insight and better target their joint efforts.


Rob works with ZenIQ to help with these issues. In the first months they saw:

  • Identified CRM coverage for target account buyers and influencers was initially at only 30%. The common language, target account economic buyers and influencers, was seemingly in the far distance. Today, data coverage of this critical group has increased by 3X, now at 90%. Better yet, the method of achieving this foundational data integrity issue is automated, using a ‘self-healing data’ approach to scrub their CRM and Marketing Automation on a daily basis.
  • The Tipalti marketing team is automating the collection of Account-Based insight with ZenIQ so they can now identify Target Account indications of onsite intent, even topics of interest, and trigger alerts to their Sales and SDR teams. These alerts are a primary means to coordinate Sales and Marketing efforts and include account, contact, and discussion topics to explore – making the insight completely actionable and high-value.
  • The Tipalti marketing team is able to measure and control their ABM program in a way that dovetails with Sales account focus and drives toward the common objective of revenue impact. Reporting is now holistic across CRM, marketing automation, and display advertising: ABM vs non-ABM success rates at an overall, channel, account, and buying center levels.
  • The Tipalti marketing team has upgraded ABM to one of their 5 primary marketing levers, and fastest growing. Rob, his team, and the sales organization operate with coordination and a common means to manage account status, approach and message, and measure results


  • Improved sales/marketing synergy from 30% to 90% CRM overlap
  • Reporting is now holistic across CRM, Marketing and Display Ads

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